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Here are just some of the San Diego models available through D2.

San Diego Trade Show Models - AliSan Diego Senior Models - SusanSan Diego Talent Agency - WilliamSan Diego Child Model Agency - Renee

Trade Show Models - AliSenior Models - SusanTalent Agency - William

San Diego Commercial Print Agency - TomSan Diego Model Agencies - AndreaSan Diego Fitness Model Agency - ElenaSan Diego Fitness Models - Corintha

Child Model Agency - ReneeMature Model Agency - TrishModel Agencies - Andrea


San Diego Male Models - MichaelSan Diego Mature Model Agency - TrishSan Diego Promotional Models - JennaTeen Models - Hannah

Commercial Print Agency - TomModeling Agencies - KelseyTeen Model Agency - Caitlyn

San Diego Swimsuit Models - ElizabethSan Diego Model Agency - KarlSan Diego Teen Model Agency - CaitlynSan Diego Modeling Agencies - Kelsey

Swimsuit Models - ElizabethChild Models - MackMature Models - Karl

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Taken as a whole, San Diego models are recognized around the world as being a great representation of the multicultural United States. This means that you can find all ethnicities and age ranges with experience as well as "real people" who are willing to step in on media projects as principals or extras. And the San Diego weather makes it an ideal shoot location.

There are many types of models and actors, and below we outline a few.

Commercial Print Models

Also called lifestyle models, these are people who you see in most advertising and stock photography. All ages are represented in this group, and you can see them in magazines, catalogs, websites and just about everywhere else. Most models would fall into this category.

Trade Show Models and Event Staff

For events like San Diego Comic Con clients typically hire booth attendants ("booth babes") and greeters. Some clients hire cosplay actors or promotional models to dress up as characters and mascots while others use product specialist, demonstrators, or spokesmodels to communicate the brand experience both verbally and visually.

Senior Models

Among our San Diego models are mature models (seniors, elderly, etc.) who make up a big part of what we are all about. We are proud to specialize in this growing category of people for our media clients. Our service has proven to be especially helpful to pharmaceutical brands as they seek to portray their target demographic in their advertising.

Child Models

Child models (babies, kids, tweens, and teens) are especially busy in the summertime, but are working in print and commercials year-round. We can also help with San Diego pregnant models.

Fashion, Editorial, and Runway Models

The historically typical reality of what many people believe a model to be. Think your taller female and male models on the catwalk or in the proverbial pages of the latest fashion magazine and you know what we mean. Although the demand for high fashion models has decreased over the years, this is still a very busy category worldwide, especially in the fashion capitals like New York, London, Paris, and Milan.

Extras and Real People

Besides D2 models can help you to find background and featured extras for your print or video project. We can also help with real families, real groups of friends, etc.. One of the things we do is offer a free real people casting and extras casting service to help producers and other media production professionals find exactly what they need.


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