We have now begun to upload our San Diego trade show models into our new San Diego event staff website!

Below are just a few of the many hosts, product specialists, and promo models in San Diego we have available:

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For large conventions like like San Diego Comic Con, we are proven resource for clients from around the world. There are many types of event models, and here are a few.

Event Staff

These are your product sample people at the grocery and liquor store and the street teams out in public places. These hard workers or may not have promotional (business-to-consumer, B2C) experience distributing products or materials. San Diego event staff typically do NOT have experience with sales pitches and typically do not work as (business-to-business, B2B) trade show models very often

Promotional Models

San Diego promotional models ave extensive promotional (B2C) experience distributing products and materials and typically have experience with sales pitches. These energetic and attactrive branding specialists typically have a fair amount of trade show (B2B) experience as well. These are also called San Diego brand ambassadors due to the aspirational aspect of their “look.”

Booth Attendants / Greeters

Once inappropriately called “booth babes” by some, these professionals are the staple of most large trade show (B2B) events. Besides having extensive experience in this realm, they San Diego booth attendants also have promotional (B2C) experience or spokesmodel experience. 

Spokesmodels, Presenters, Hosts/hostesses, and MCs

These pros are the “speakers of the brand,” training with marketing and advertising teams so as to achieve the best possible understanding of the product or service they are presenting. Besides public speaking and teleprompter skills, a key characteristic of San Diego spokesmodels and the rest is their charm and charisma. All have extensive trade show (B2B) experience.

Product Specialists and Demonstrators

Have a tangible product that consumers or clients need demonstrated? These are the people you need. They are often trained for their role and present brands in the best way possible for event attendees. All have extensive trade show (B2B) experience and some have spokesmodel experience as well.

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